Have you ever taken part in December drawing month? (DeDraMo) :3

Oooh~ No I haven’t! Would be fun to - especially since I had to miss out on Inktober. :D Thanks for the heads up!

Hello guys! It’s that time of the year again!

I once again have a table in the Comic Village area (North Hall towards the games stage) - number H6. I’ll also be next to super-dooper awesome friend & talented artist Emma Vieceli (H7).

If you’re around feel free to say hi or have a chat with us. :3 We’re in a pretty good location so we ‘should’ be easy to spot!


Attendance: All day Friday, Saturday & Sunday

What stock will you have?    * Lelatte Issue Zero comic
                                             * Lelatte badge packs
                                             * Frozen A3 Art Print & * GOTG A3 Art Print

Will you be offering sketch commissions? nope~ Sorry! 

Will you have Lelatte Issue One? Sadly not! I ran out of time to finish it to a standard i was happy with. So instead I have revamped Issue Zero with new fonts/panels/fixed grammar errors & updated some artwork.

Will the merch be available online after the show? Depends! If we don’t sell out after Birmingham Comic Con, then yes! 

Can I come & get something signed / give a hug? Of course!

I’ve attached a highres copy of the map as well. : ) Hopefully see you there!


EDIT: I can finally say that the Yogscast will be at ComicCon as well! They’ll have a booth with merch (Including NEW SHINY DESIGNS!) in the Vidfest section. :3 I *believe* there are plans for me to be at the yog-booth as well - though I’m not sure of any details yet!

I’ve Updated the map with their location.

More info on the Facebook page & details on who’s going! 


Oh man look what I found in my screenshots folder.

builder: Nina Serena.

Oh my gosh - totally forgot about this! I watched way too many Jeremy Kyle episodes while building this. hahaha


Phew! Guardians of the Galaxy illustration is finally finished! : D Hope you guys like it~

Hey Nina-Serena!~ Was wondering how you started off when learning anatomy? Thanks Lucy!~x

Hello! School & University life drawing classes - I’d say that’s where my learning curve really took off. In my spare time I do speed drawings using the site. : )

Next print project! ;D 

New print I’ve been working on! It’s almost therapeutic to draw anime-style art again. Had too much fun! :3 

New SuperYogs A3 comic covers! Featuring

Lomadia & the Mr Owl! Adventures in Magic! 


The Protessional (and a little soggy) POOL BOY & Lyndon!

Hat Films have a lovely new channel banner! (Which you guys have probably seen already)
Anywho, I thought it would be neat to show you guys the initial drafts & concept designs that goes into these things. Messy but get’s the job done! Haha~

Also… just noticed that I never drew the Pringle cans in?! I’m not sure how I forgot about those! D: I’m sorry Ross!

Lelatte Issue Zero - Art Update (Pages 7-14) !

(Pages 1-6)

New? You can read the Prologue & Chapter 1 @

Rolo Bulletstorm of the SS RIM HOPPER!

Just a confirmation that I’ll now be attending Birmingham Comic Con at the NEC - 22nd-23rd November! It will be my first time exhibiting in the midlands, and I can’t wait!

Not sure what merch will be there, probably Lelatte Issue 0/1 & prints! Will keep you all posted closer to the time. :3 

New Sjin - Chili Wowas shirt! I flippin’ love this derpy dog~ :’D

Who do you mostly trust in all the Yogscast?

Sips. We have a mutual love for Mountain Dew. I respect that~