After I saw the new Minecraft skins I thought it’d be nifty to do some character re-designs! I have no idea why but I’ve always imagined MC Turps as a big built, cheeky Dirt-shyster. Haha~


Not sure who I’ll doodle next - Just having fun with style & expressions atm. :3

YOGSCAST Kim has a shiny new Youtube banner!

I hope I did the new style justice~ :’D So Uguu~

I'm a little disappointed there is no women's section in the new yogscast store! Buying a small men's is all well and good but they just don't fit the same. Do you know if there are plans for women's shirts in the near future?


Yup, the store is in a soft launch phase at the moment. This means more sizes should be added soon, have patience :)

Hey chaps, I can finally share with you some Yog-work from over the past half year! As most of you probably know The Yogscast have launched their own merchandise store - featuring (At the moment) Shirts, prints & patches.

Hope you like em! This is only the beginning, guys!

Geesh, I'm pretty sure you have the coolest job ever.

It’s pretty good~

Is it your birthday today too or was it yesterday??

It’s today! I’m currently in the Harry Potter studio tour itching for some celebratory butter beer!!!!! :’D

Hi Nina. I’m finding your art really inspirational, and love the expression and flow you bring to your work. I have always been passionate about comic art, but spent the last 10 years developing my skills as a designer, with my comic skills sitting dormant and underdeveloped. I’m curious to know who your influences are? Cheers Jason

Hello Jason!
Awww, man~ Thanks so much! <3
Glad to hear you’re trying out comics though~ You’ll pick it up quickly - especially since you have a graphical/art background before hand!
I never did comics myself until 5 years ago - after studying fine art/animation for 10 or so years. :3
But yeah - as for influences. Gosh. I’m guessing you mean comic related ones?
Comic Influence: Mike Mignola, Jamie Hewlett (major inspiration/influence),Eiichiro Oda & Sally Avernier (VALP)

My top - overall art influences are: Chris Sanders, Glen Keane, Gennedy Tartakovsky & Cory Loftis.

Posting this on my main account in case there are any fellow Wildstar friends!
Wildstar’s ‘headstart’ launch starts tomorrow and I’ll be rolling on EKO (PvE) & Lightspire ( RP PvE) EU servers. 
Perhaps I might see some of you chaps there! ; D

gosh I freakin’ love that avatar. 

Hey guys! Martyn Inthelittlewood has created a freakin’ awesome original Wildstar song called ‘BE A STAR’- which I highly recommend checking out! ; D

It features Sparkles* amazing mixing (as always ; D) plus vocals from KaeyiDream & Carbine’s Mark ‘Anlath’ Hulmes

…and I quickly doodled Malvolio n’ Kit for the album cover. haha!


Some Victor Lazarin doodles~

London ComicCon : Yogmeet splurg

Oh my goodness~ What a crazy weekend!

Thanks so much to everyone who said hi at the Yogmeet. You guys were so kind ;______; Like, my heart - It just couldn’t handle it! Wahhh~ <3

And the cosplays - don’t get me started on the cosplays! So good & so cute! <:’D Especially the Israphel, Kims, nilesys - blackrock crew, Sparkles duo, the Lalna I hugged ect, ect… haha~

I just wish I had more postcards to give out. Sorry to any chaps who didn’t get a chance to grab one! They ran out so quickly. D: I’ll have to bring 200 next time!

But yeah - a massive thanks to Malik, Jenn n’ Stickyhunter (The Yogmeet organisers) Who set up a queuing system for the postcards/sigs. You guys are amazing, I’ll need to make it up to you somehow! 

Another thanks to Ocea who got me some amazing licorice from her home town in Sweden & looked after my umbrella at the Yogmeet! Haha! 

It was also great to see some familiar names/faces - such as Chrislapis, Robin n’ Sanna, Stacy Jenkins! Gosh there were so much more - but my brain is fried. I’ll edit this post when I remember. haha!

but yeah thanks so much for making my weekend guys! See you in October!

Hotel room doodle! Random Draken - Wildstar